Praying the Word of God

Check out our Wednesday 6am (central time) set in the prayer room!  Our justice theme on Wednesdays right now is praying for houses of prayer in Mexico, and then we're also consistently praying for Israel as well.  There's power when we take the prayers of the Bible, like Ephesians 1:17 or Colossians 1:9, and then actually say or sing them to Jesus- for nations like Mexico or for the Jewish people!  Tune in on Wednesdays at 6am and join us :)



Jon's worship sets

Jon just recently started singing through John 1 for his Monday 8am Worship with the Word set at IHOPKC. The passage is a foundational Scripture on the nature and identity of Jesus, and takes us right into His heart as we celebrate Him in this season. Tune in live on Mondays at 8am c.s.t. and follow along at this link!

December 2012 update

In October 2012, Jon released his latest CD Heat of Your Gaze. The album features 10 original songs written over the last few years, many of them birthed spontaneously in Jon’s prayer room sets at IHOPKC. The album song selection and order were intentional, expressing both our cries to the Lord and His responses to us, in various seasons of a believer’s life in God. “I wanted to capture those declarations we make to the Lord when we behold Him as He is, and also our heart cries to love Him the way that He loves us.


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