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As intercessory missionaries, Jon and Kinsey raise financial support through a team of friends who sow into their ministry on a monthly basis. They depend on this team of friends who partner with them in ministry, as they serve Jesus through night and day prayer and reach out to others. Jon and Kinsey feel they are first called and committed to serve the Lord through prayer and worship in His house; and then to partner with His heart by seeing the fatherless restored through the hands of the Church, and brought into His house of prayer. Each week, Jon and Kinsey stand before the Lord daily to minister to Him in the house of prayer through worship, intercession, and study of His Word. It is a privilege to daily intercede for the nations, the lost, the orphan, and the oppressed, just as Jesus even now lives to make intercession (Hebrews 7:25). Jon also leads a team of singers in musicians in 6 two-hour sets a week. Together, Jon and Kinsey minister regularly in local children’s homes, leading them in worship and Bible teaching. Kinsey spends a few hours each week serving the children living in these group facilities, and she also seeks to be a support that walks alongside adoptive families in the Church who have brought children into their homes. Like thousands of other missionaries, in order to fully respond to the Lord and His calling, Jon and Kinsey are developing a team of friends who will sow into them with their prayers and financial support. Joining the Thurlow's ministry partnership team gives you an opportunity to personally sow into the Great Commission, the night and day prayer ministry, and the vision to see the fatherless restored in the Lord. If you would like to join the team, please provide a way to be contacted. They will be in touch with you personally.  To make electronic donations (monthly or one-time) via paypal, just click the donate button below.  For tax-deductible giving, click "please provide a way to contacted" shown above.


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